About Me

I’m the CEO of FlexiDB, a software company based in Bristol, UK. Our main two products are Mind Doodle and FlexiDB. I’ll use this blog mainly for work, but will throw in the odd curve ball as my mood dictates.

I’m passionate about creating software that is useful.  At FlexiDB we focus on adding depth to user experience.  For example, FlexiDB doesn’t just draw a diagram of a database, but it creates the actual data tables, users, roles, forms, etc which can be accessed via a REST API, mobile app or WordPress plugin.

Before FlexiDB I co-founded and ran Simple Answers, a software development agency.  Over the years we had a lot of success, for our clients and ourselves.  We worked across several industries, including Oil and Gas, Insurance and Banking, Pharmaceutical, Games, CMS and E-Commerce.  The software we developed won national awards, transformed the revenue of our clients, and in one case lead to an eight-figure trade sale.

Outside of work, most things I love begin with F.  My Family to begin with, closely followed by Friends.  I’m a big Football fan, both watching Liverpool FC or playing twice a week locally.  I’m a big Foodie.  I love to to cook on my Big Green Egg, even at Christmas!  Low and slow is my mantra.

Most of all, both at work and at home, I like to find time to relax and have Fun.

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