Mind Doodle

I’m particularly proud of our latest product, Mind Doodle.  Like FlexiDB, it goes beyond existing diagram tools.

All mind mapping software allows users to think freely, without constraint.

Mind Doodle has deeper features, such as:

  • A tree view, to let users review their ideas and order them logically
  • 3D view offers a new perspective, and is particularly useful for larger maps
  • Users can add depth to their ideas, with tabs for notes, images, files and custom data
  • Mind Doodle is collaborative, designed for team use, enabling distributed users to see updates on their screen instantly
  • There is also a comprehensive chat tool, which is granular, so chat can be partitioned to individual ideas
  • Export to Word, PowerPoint and MS Project – because Mind Doodle allows users to add notes, images etc to their ideas, the exports are rich and useful

To find out more, go to  MindDoodle.com.