TEDx Bristol Wrap Dinner

The Wrap Dinner

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the TEDx Bristol wrap dinner.  It was an excellent evening, giving me a chance to catch up with all the volunteers who made the event so memorable.  TEDx Bristol is the largest TEDx event in Europe.  The speakers were without exception excellent; all in their different ways disrupting the status quo.

I’d like to officially say a thank you to Mel Rodrigues for curating the event, and to Halina Jaroszewka for not only inviting us but also for looking after us throughout.

Mind Doodle live mind mapped all of the talks.  As a memento, each speaker received a large print of their talk’s mind map.  All are available to view at https://tedxbristol.minddoodle.com.

On the off chance there’s anyone not familiar with TED, and I doubt there is, more info below:


TED was conceived in 1984 as a conference exploring the convergence of technology, entertainment, and design. Since then, it has grown into a world-renowned stage for sharing forward-thinking ideas.

The conference has come a long way since it began. It has received support and recognition from some of the world’s biggest corporations, including sponsorship from the likes of Google, GE and The Coca-Cola Company, but most importantly, its success is due to the high quality of thought-provoking talks that are delivered.


In recent years, communities have taken ownership of their own TED-like events with the increase in popularity of TEDx. These are independent TED events, licensed by TED and following its key principles.

Through these local events, the brightest minds from around the world are given a platform to communicate their ideas. With no commercial, religious, or political agenda, the goal of TEDx events is to spark conversation, connection and community.


TEDxBristol is the biggest TEDx event in Europe. It attracts a dedicated local community, whilst drawing attention from a global audience online. The last event received 2.7 million online visitors during the one-day conference and a total of 8 million visitors in three months.

The event is non-profit and volunteer led, with admission fees and commercial sponsorship covering costs. We have aligned our support with TEDxBristol to help share the important messages to an audience who may otherwise not be able to receive them.

Mind Doodle at TEDxBristol 2017

To amplify the powerful ideas that are explored through TEDxBristol, Mind Doodle supported the event in two ways:

  1. Live mind mapping talks so that knowledge, thoughts and personal stories from the speakers were available to online visitors in real-time; we had thousands of online visitors watch the mind maps get created live.
  2. Provided free tickets for people from diverse groups in the local communities to attend the event through the Community Partnership Programme.

All the mind maps are available as a permanent resource for the future.  https://tedxbristol.minddoodle.com.

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