WordCamp Brighton 2018

I recently had the honour of being an MC at WordCamp Brighton. It was my first time being an MC, which I thoroughly enjoyed. To be honest, my part is easy, I only had to introduce the speakers. I was lucky, as the people on my list were friendly, interesting, and happy to chat. A top tip for anyone else being an MC for the first time is to try and meet them first. The speaker / sponsor / volunteer meal was the night before the event started, so I was able to seek out and befriend. I’d definitely do this again if I’m asked to be an MC in the future.

WordCamp Brighton 2018

Brighton itself is a vibrant, diverse, inclusive and exciting city. The WordCamp reflected this. I really enjoyed my time, and look forward to attending future WordCamps Brighton.

Notable Points

  • Vegan food
  • Fun bunch of people
  • Slick organisation
  • Interesting talks and panels
  • Fantastic after party
Enjoying the free photo booth with fellow MC’s at the WordCamp Brighton after party 2018

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