WordCamp Bristol 2019

I really enjoyed WordCamp Bristol.  I was wearing two hats, one as an organizer and the other as a sponsor.  From both perspectives it was fantastic.  A while ago someone asked me why I’d volunteered to do this, and the answer is simple.  It’s where I live, and have lived since 2002.  Bristol is a great city, and I wanted other people to see and understand this.  From the personal feedback from attendees and sponsors, plus all the Tweets circulating, it would appear WordCamp Bristol was extremely well received. Not that we are the only great city in the world, far from it, but it’s where I live and that’s important to me.

Thank you!

Before diving into the detail, I’d like to thank all my fellow organisers:

  • Janice – Overall Lead
  • Hannah – Co Lead and Comms Manager
  • Simon – Speakers Manager
  • Rob – Venue Manager
  • Ronald – Volunteers Manager
  • Ben – Design Lead, and in particular Grafuu!
  • Jacob – Contributor Day Organiser
  • Sarah – Filming and Video Editing for WordPress.tv

As sponsor wrangler, I had an easier job than most. I volunteered for this role because I thought it was something I could do well. The sponsor area was full, we literally couldn’t have fitted any more in, and there was a small profit, about £900!

Given the context, it’s hard to talk without bias.  So assume I’m exaggerating by at least 25% in my enthusiasm.  It was spectacular.  I spoke to a lot of people, and there was universal praise. 

Without exception, all WordCamps I’ve been to have been at least good, and often great.  The people are friendly, welcoming and interesting to talk to.  One thing I think we got exactly right was the venue.  It was based at the Chemistry building of Bristol University.  There’s a big advantage to having purpose-built lecture rooms, everything is tailored to giving talks.  Sponsors were set up in the main foyer, with direct access to the lecture halls.  This was a great space.  People were able to chat and circulate easily, leading to a convivial atmosphere.

Normally I highlight talks after a WordCamp, but since I was also a sponsor I wasn’t able to attend as many as normal, in fact I only went to two.  I know a lot of effort went into selecting speakers, there were over 80 applicants for just over 20 spots, so while it made selection difficult it did allow us to choose a diverse and high-calibre set of speakers.  There’s an insightful blog post here that describes the process we followed. My one regret was that I didn’t get to see Tess (Our Marketing Manager) talk. Someone had to stay on the stand, and I’ve seen her practice in the office. By all accounts, she smashed it!

As I said, I’m biased, so I’ll let the Internet talk.  Here are a selection of Tweets.

142 NEW TREES! Amazing. Including sponsors, speakers and volunteers there were over 200 attendees.
All the organisers worked hard, giving their time freely, but Janice and Hannah deserve a special mention.
British food often gets a bad rep, unfairly in my opinion, so was very pleases to see this.
This was only the second WordCamp Bristol, and our first Contributor Day. Kudos to Jacob for organising this, and to Tammy for her sage advice.
There are so many photos, enjoy!
I travel a lot for work, so I wanted Georgie to see what a WordCamp was, to understand next time I’m away. She thoroughly enjoyed it, everyone spoiled her.
Sarah now has to edit all the videos for WordPress.tv, in the meantime enjoy the time lapse video
I’d like to thank everyone who participated; the sponsors, organisers, speakers, volunteers and attendees.

A big thank you to the sponsors. Nothing happens without you.

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